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Feels too early to be on a train, but Manchester here we come.
06:03 AM Jan 15
Read our latest London Prayer Update -
03:08 PM Jan 13
In North London? Near the M25 (J24)? Free on Thursday 25th Jan evening? Come and pray with us for London. Details o…
09:27 AM Jan 09
Happy New Year everyone. Some thoughts on ending 2017 and starting this year well.
11:13 AM Jan 01
This weekend 1000s of people will attend Carol services across London. Many will hear the good news of Immanuel for…
12:52 PM Dec 16
I've been in the States for just over 24 hours and at a function tonight spent the time discussing London's beauty.…
03:32 AM Dec 16
I got sent this today. Interesting considering @revmarkbishop our conversation last week.
06:48 PM Dec 15
Wherever you are, let a bit of that Jesus light shine out. #Christmaslights
01:46 PM Dec 13
A wonderful set of prayers to bring prayer into London life and mission. Prayer and misison must work together to c…
10:09 PM Dec 11
The second week of advent is traditionally associated with peace. We recognise that the Prince of Peace has come in…
09:11 AM Dec 11
Loving this new song by Jeremy Riddle. Travelling to meet folks in Tower Hamlets today with the refrain "All Hail K…
09:54 AM Dec 06
Jesus came as the Light of the world, and we are called to be that in our city. So (to paraphrase) although Londone…
09:40 AM Dec 05


Prayer Spaces

Our aim is to see permanent prayer rooms and houses of prayer across London. Many churches in London are now making their prayer spaces available, and we are working to support people and organisations as they seek to set up a prayer space in their part of London.

London Estates

London has many estates scattered across the city which are rich vibrant communities. These estates have become a focus for mission as people live out their faith in some of London's toughest areas and we regularly support this work through prayer walking and raising prayer for London's estates (see video).

London's East End

London's East End has historically been London's poorest and most deprived area. However, in recent years it has seen huge changes with redevelopment and new communities emerging. We have felt for some time that this region is strategically important for London as a whole and is our main geographic prayer priority.

Prayer Walking

Loving London means getting to know it, and not just the pretty tourist areas! Prayer needs to be felt across every part of London, not just in prayer spaces, so supporting mission and addressing London's issues through prayer walking releases God's presence and is a great way to feel the city's needs too.

London Estates 24/7 Prayer

More videos available from London Estates 24-7 Prayer on Vimeo.


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